Chapter Four: A Princess in White

Zachary: It's been a while, but the fourth installment of the Chaos Saga is finally here. I know you are thrilled.

[And there was much rejoicing.]

Misc. Townspeople: (unenthusiatically) Yea.

Zelas: Xellos! I know you're hiding here somewhere! Oh, hi Kalis, where are you hiding Xellos?

Kalis: I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't seen Xellos all day.

Zelas: Oh fine, have your little fun. I'll find him sooner or later. [she phazes away]

Kalis: Oi, Xel. What was she so upset about? It's not like you to hide from her.

Xellos: I know, but you wouldn't believe what she wants me to do.

Zelgadis: It's not like she wants you to go to a wedding or something.

Xellos: Exactly! She's making me go to Amelia's wedding with her.

Kalis: Amelia actually found somebody who wants to marry her. Who is the unfortunate soul?

Xellos: Some prince or another. I think his name is Charming or something like that.

Celes: Ooh, a wedding? Lets all go.

Kalis: Who knows, could be interesting. If not, we'll make it interesting. No more hiding Xellos. ZELAS!!

Xellos: AAHHHH!!

Zelas: [phazing in] You don't have to yell. There you are Xellos. You thought you could get away, did you? You're coming to this wedding with me and you are going to enjoy it. [they leave]

Kalis: Lets get some dates from the closet. Let me guess, you want Marron again, right Celes.

Celes: Hai.

Kalis: And I'll take my cute little Yuuhi.

LoN: Precious, is Hotohori still in there?

Kalis: Of course Mistress. Did you want to come too?

LoN: Nah, I'd rather play in the closet for a while instead.

Kalis: As you wish My Lady. Well, shall we leave then?

::And now, yet again, the voice inside my head... Voice: Can you not find a husband? Does every man you meet say he just wants to 'be friends'? Well you need Prince Charming. All Charmings are guarenteed not to run away, no matter how hideous, or annoying you may be. Remember Prince Charming, when you can't get anybody else.::

Kalis: So, that's how she managed to get a husband.

Marron: Now Kalis-san, it may only be a coincidence.

Zelgadis: I doubt it. You don't know Amelia.

Celes: Zelgadis! You didn't use to say things like that.

Yuuhi: Seems Kalis has been rubbing off on ya.

Zelgadis: NNNOOOOOO!!!

Kalis: Take the word "off" out of that, and you'll have it right Yuuhi.

Celes: Hurry up minna. We'll be late.

[At the wedding.]

Celes: Isn't it so beautiful.

Kalis + Xellos + Yuuhi + Zelas: I'm bored!

[The rest of the guests turn to look.]

Kalis: I guess it's time to liven this party up.

[She grabs Xellos and drags him to the front of the seats. They sit down right in front of one of the bridemaids; a certain dragon priestess. Creating a small gust of wind, she made Filia's skirt fly up. When Filia looked out towards the guests, Kalis made sure that she saw Xellos.]

Filia: Namagomi!!! [she changes to her dragon form and starts chasing Xellos with her Dragon Breath]

Amelia: Filia-san, please, it's my wedding!!

[As the dragon stomps around in a blinded rage, the guests are stampeding in all directions. Chaos continues to reign until the dragon priestess stepped on the bride.]

Zelgadis: Wow Kalis, for once you weren't the one to kill Amelia.

Kalis: Phooey, it's not fair. But hey, the wedding ain't so borring anymore now is it.

Xellos: Hey Kali-chan, lets go somewhere to be alone.

Kalis: Why?

Xellos: You know, so we can (whisper).

Kalis: Again I ask, why?

Xellos: Well...

Kalis: It's much more fun when more people are involved.

Xellos: Oh yeah!

Kalis: You grab the guys, I'll get Zelas.

Xellos: Hai!

[Xellos gets hold of Yuuhi and Marron (and he tells Celes what they are doing, so she decides to join in) and Kalis grabbs Zelas. They all return to the Realm of Chaos.]

[When they returned, a lot of stuff happened that a proper lady should not mention. Lets just say: it was hot, sweaty, and there were a few chickens involved -- we'll just leave it at that. Meanwhile, back at the ruins of the wedding chapel ...]

Zelgadis: She actually left me here. Could it be ... is it possible ... am I actually ... FREE!! YAY!!

[He starts running off into the distance. He stops short, however, as he notices a golden light around him, then ... ]

Kalis: Ah ah ah, Zel-kun. You know I wouldn't forget about my favorite pet.

[ ... in a flash of golden feathers, he dissappears.]

Zelgadis: NOOOoooo, I don't want to go back!!!

::This program was brought to you by my other personality.::

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