Kali-chan's Views on Good and Evil

Hi, Kalis here. I just thought I'd take some time to tell you all what I think about the concepts of good and evil. Now I'm not trying to force my beliefs on any of you, I just thought that some of my stuff would make more sense if you knew what I thought. Of course, I hope that you will keep an open mind about the whole thing, but if you don't, I would appreciate it if you didn't send me a bunch of flames. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs; as I am to mine. However if you're stuck on your beliefs and don't want to hear anything different, then this is your warning: This is what I believe and I'm sticking to it, no matter what anybody says. I think I make a few good points. But enough rambling.

Everybody always believes that the Ryuzoku are good and the Mazoku are evil. This isn't necessarily true. What exactly is evil anyway? Is the wolf evil for killing the deer? I didn't think so. But the wolf kills the deer to survive, right?

What do Mazoku feed on?

Fear, anger, and all those other nasty negative emotions. Therefore they need to cause these things in order to survive. Let me ask again: Is the wolf evil for killing the deer? No? Then the Mazoku aren't necessarily evil for doing the things they do. Everything is done out of necessity for survival.

Evil is a human created concept. It's sole reason for existance is as a contrast for good. There is no good without evil. A candle burns brighter in a dark room than in the mid-day sun. Humankind needs to believe that there is a complete goodness that they can aspire towards. But, how do we know what good is? There needs to be something to compare it against. Therefore, evil is created.

Now, why are the Mazoku and Ryuzoku labled as they are? That one is simple. Mazoku hurt humans, and therefore, must be evil. Since the Ryuzoku fight the Mazoku, they must be good. In truth, neither is wholly good nor evil. They are only opposites of eachother. Everybody has some yin and some yang.

What is dark? The absence of light. If light had never existed, then how would we know it was dark?

Xellos: Easy. Nobody would be able to see. Then they would be running into eachother and the trees, and they would all have bumps and bruises and -

Kalis: Hey, get out of here. I'm trying to be all serious and philisophical.

Xellos: But what you're saying isn't all true. I am pure evil, through and through.

Kalis: Rotten to the core? If that's so, then, what about all those times you saved Lina?

Xellos: Orders.

Kalis: And Filia?

Xellos: ...

Kalis: Exactly.

Okay, so the ryuzoku are good. Was it a good thing when the gold dragons annihilated the ancients? What did the ancient dragons ever do to deserve to be completely wiped out? The gold dragons are ryuzoku, ryuzoku are good, gold dragons killed the ancients, therefore, killing the ancients was a good thing. This logic doesn't quite sit well with me --

Filia: Okay, so it was wrong and it was a big mistake, but don't you think we're sorry.

Kalis: You might be, but I don't think that it was a mutual emotion among your race. Now would you please go away? I mean what is it with all the interruptions?

Good and evil are an individual thing. You can't just lump an entire race together, because each member has different feelings and different ideas of what exactly is right and wrong. And even within a person there will always be that smidgen of conscience or that deep dark passion.

Xellos: Did somebody say 'passion'?

Kalis: That's not what I meant and you know it. What I meant was even the most goodly person would still have that deep naughty thing that they always wanted to do.

Xellos: 'Naughty'?

Kalis: Oh forget it! I give up. No matter what I say, you'll find some way to turn it into a dirty little euphemism for something else. I tried to be serious and get my views across to my audience, but will you let me? Nooooo. Well forget it you're sleeping alone tonight.

Xellos: Awwww, Kali-chaaan. Pleeeaaase?

Kalis: I mean it, now out!

Xellos: Okay. Can I take something with me?

Kalis: Fine, whatever, just get it quickl --

[Ten minutes later Kieran comes into the room and finds the computer with Kalis missing. Guessing what had happened, he turns everything off and goes to bed.]