Original Character List

For some reason, I keep making up new characters for my stories. I know there are so many real characters to choose from, but oh well. This is an ongoing list of every OC I ever write about. If anybody actually looks at this page, you might find it helpful, (probably not). I got bored, so I made it up. Enough rambling...


Height: 5'6"
Hair: Sea Green
Eyes: Pale blue
Clothes: Flowing, billowy dresses in various shades of blue/green.
Other: [Angel Weapon -- dagger]

Personality: Angel of Water. Mostly calm and cool. She likes pretty boys and her Mistress, as do all the other Angels. Is usually the cautionary one of the four, but will join in on the teasing with little provacation.

Appearance: Chaos Saga

young Derek

Physical: eight year old kid

Personality: Rather die a hero than be a chicken.

Appearance: Remembrance

Doraion Menir

Physical: Semi-old man

Personality: Kind, wants his niece to have a normal life.

Appearance: Fire Fly

Hellmaster Hotaru

Height: 5'5"
Hair: waist length, blue
Eyes: blue-violet
Clothes: slim black gown with slits up sides
Others: N/A

Personality: ?

Appearance: Fire Fly

Kalis Deleira

Height: 5'7"
Hair: shoulder length, blue
Eyes: teal
Clothes: black pants, blue tunic, black sleeveless vest
Others: katana strapped on her hip [Angel Weapon -- Bow]

Personality: Angel of Wind. Highly volatile. Can appear happy and cheerful one moment and have her knife at your throat the next. No qualms over taking a life. Believes herself to be cold-hearted, but down inside, she is a very caring person. Not easy to get close to, but when you do, she will protect her friends with her life. Very skilled in both magic (black, nightmare, kaze-kei), and with various forms of weaponry(swords, bow and arrow). Favorite weapon is her katana.

Appearances: Untitled, Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, Beauty and the Beast, The Three Little Pigs, Goldylocks and the Three Bears, Reunited Hearts, Reunited Friends, Remembrance, The Young Mistress, Chaos Saga

Kieran Sandeo

Height: 5'10"
Hair: black, short and very messy
Eyes: dark brown (can appear gold when angry, however that is very rare)
Clothes: silver tunic, blue pants
Others: longsword [Angel Weapon -- Sword]

Personality: Angel of Fire. Generally mellow, but won't hesitate to do what needs to be done. Isn't bothered by the act of taking a life, his only loyalties are to his few friends. Skilled in magic (shaman), but his first insinct in a fight is to go for his longsword, only falling back on magic when necessary.

Appearances: Untitled, The Three Musketeers, Beauty and the Beast, The Three Little Pigs, Goldylocks and the Three Bears, Chaos Saga

Mirai Gabriev

Height: 5'7"
Hair: short, blond
Eyes: red
Clothes: yellow shirt, dark red pants
Others: black headband, long sword

Personality: Very like her mother Lina Inverse. Slightly tighter reign on her temper though. Father's skill in swordfighting, but her mother never allowed her to learn magic (deciding that was where all of her own problems came from). Adventurous, strong headed, and wants to be just like her parents.

Appearances: Fire Fly, 14 years

Nika Romar

Height: 5'6"
Hair: waist length, green
Eyes: pale green
Clothes: flowing pale green dress
Others: 5" knife with rose carved into the handle

Personality: Willowy and artistic, sweet and tender. A little weak, but wants to be stronger so she doesn't need protection. A large heart, she loves her friends and her rose bushes.

Appearances: Remembrance, The Young Mistress

Shiroken Leanel

Height: 6'2"
Hair: short, dark green
Eyes: green eyes
Clothes: forest green cape, off-white shirt, forest green pants
Others: broadsword, jeweled clasp on his cape, dashing smile

Personality: ?

Appearance: Fire Fly

The Spirits of Time

The Spirits of Time are three of the most powerful spirits in existance. They are able to visit with people and show them there past, present, and future.

Heri: Spirit of Past. Usually takes the form of a young girl that the person she is visiting is familiar with. She is kind-hearted and smells of sakura blossoms.

Hodie: Spirit of Present. Usually takes form as a big jolly man. (think Santa) He flys a person all around the world with amazing speeds to see how that persons loved ones are doing.

Cras: Spirit of Future. A trouble-maker. He keeps up the appearance of arrogance and cockiness, but he really does help. Just in his own way. He likes to keep things interesting for everyone else; he already knows the outcome.

Appearance: A Winter's Solstice


Height: 6'5"
Hair: knee-length, silver
Eyes: gold
Clothes: long black pants
Others: black feathery wings

Personality: ?

Appearance: Fire Fly

Xira Metallium

Height: 5'9"
Hair: long, purple braid
Eyes: silver
Clothes: average battle armor most of the time, other times -shorts and tanktops
Others: N/A

Personality: General for Beastmaster. Keeps to herself. Likes to play with the wolves and cause general destruction (as per to her job description). When around others, takes on a teasing, buddy-buddy attitude (ususally to lower her enemies guard).

Appearance: Untitled


Height: 6'0"
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: gold brown
Clothes: brown leather pants, tan tunic, fingerless gloves
COther: [Angel Weapon -- Staff]

Personality: Angel of Earth. Fun, likes to play jokes on the others. Not quite as interactive with normal people as the others are, but not because he's a snob. He just hasn't gotten around to it yet.

Appearance: Chaos Saga


Physical: purple hair, large amythyst eyes

Personality: Priest of Ceiphied, kind and caring. Helps others in need.

Appearance: Untitled