The Young Mistress

Once upon a time there was a city called Doroda. This was a very special city. The people that lived in this city always became very powerful shamanists. Nobody knows why this city is so special, but the people were very protective and had a magical barrier around the city so it was not found easily. Doroda had a royal family and noble families underneath them; on the lowest were the common people.

One of the noble families was known as the Leira. They were the most powerful and respected of all the noble families. In this family there is The Master, The Madame, and their daughter The Young Mistress.

The Madame was very busy with her parties and other social functions. The Master had to take care of the money and make sure that people do not get more power than him. Neither of them had much time for The Young Mistress. Therefore, they hired nannies to take care of The Young Mistress. The Young Mistress usually did not like her nannies; sometimes they would try to make her do something she did not want to do. The Young Mistress soon learned that if she told The Master about the horrible, mean nannies, he would fire them. Unfortunately he would always find another one.

One day The Master hired The Pretty Young Nanny to take care of The Young Mistress. The Young Mistress did not like having to have a new nanny already, she was already five years old, but this one was nice. The Pretty Young Nanny would take The Young Mistress on outings every day. The Pretty Young Nanny would let The Young Mistress do whatever she wanted, because The Pretty Young Nanny did not want to get fired.

On one of the outings, The Young Mistress saw a fight. There was a Bigger Mean Boy picking on a Little Lady. The Young Mistress marched right up to The Bigger Mean Boy and told him to go away, and she threw a little freeze arrow at him. Like I said, Doroda was a special city with special people who learn magic well. The Young Mistress checked to see if The Little Lady was okay, and she was.

The Little Lady was only a little younger than The Young Mistress, so they decided to play together. The Pretty Young Nanny did not know what to do. If The Master found out that The Young Mistress was playing with a common girl, he would fire her. If The Pretty Young Nanny made The Young Mistress stop playing with The Little Lady, The Young Mistress would get her fired. However, The Pretty Young Nanny liked The Young Mistress and she wanted her to be happy, so she let The Young Mistress play with The Little Lady.

Everyday, The Young Mistress would insist on going out to play with The Little Lady. To make her happy and to keep her job, The Pretty Young Nanny let The Young Mistress play. The Pretty Young Nanny would take The Young Mistress over to The Little Lady's house and the two would play for hours.

One day, The Young Mistress wanted to invite The Little Lady over to her house. They went to The Little Lady's house and asked The Happy Dad and The Nice But Worried Mom. After a short chat, the parents agreed to let The Little Lady go. The Young Mistress can be very convincing. Afterwards, The Young Mistress and The Nice Young Nanny took The Little Lady shopping for a pretty dress to wear over to The Young Mistress's house.

The next day, The Nice But Worried Mom got The Little Lady dressed up in her new dress and let her walk over to The Young Mistress's house. However, when The Little Lady got there, the guards would not allow her to come in. The Young Mistress found out about it and ran to tell The Master. The Master fired the guards and let The Little Lady into his home without knowing that The Little Lady was a commoner. He then went back to his study to get ready and hire some new guards.

The Little Lady and The Young Mistress played the entire day. When The Madame came to check on her daughter, she noticed that she did not recognize The Little Lady. The Madame found this odd, because she knew all of the other noble's children. She had set up many play dates with them and The Young Mistress. She came to the conclusion that if she did not know The Little Lady, then The Little Lady was not worth knowing. The Madame told The Little Lady to leave because she had a surprise for The Young Mistress. The Madame had one of her servants escort The Little Lady out of the manor, and to make sure she did not ever return. The Young Mistress overheard the orders and threw one of her best tantrems.

However, The Madame could be just as stubborn as The Young Mistress and held fast to her decision. The servant left with The Little Lady, and The Madame went to give The Young Mistress her surprise. The surprise was, that The Young Mistress was now betrothed to The Handsome Not As Young Prince. This upsetted The Young Mistress for she did not like The Handsome Not As Young Prince. He would never let his clothes get dirty when they played together. The Handsome Not As Young Prince was a stick in the mud. The Young Mistress knew that she could not let herself be married to The Handsome Stick In The Mud, so she decided that, that night she was going to run away.

That evening, The Young Mistress gathered some of her favorite toys together and snuck out of the manor. She did not know where she was going to go, but she did know that she was not going to go anywhere without her best friend, The Little Lady. So, as her first destination, The Young Mistress ran straight to The Little Lady's house. Upon arriving, The Young Mistress knew there was something wrong. The door was shattered into small splinters of wood and she could see blood splattered on the far wall.

Fearing for her friend's life, The Young Mistress dropped her bag and ran into the house. When she heard screaming in the back, she ran even faster. As she got there she saw The Nice But Worried Mom standing in front of The Little Lady. The Nice But Worried Mom had cuts all over her and her clothing was mostly ripped off, but she had not lost her defiant composure as The Blond Men continued approaching. When The Young Mistress yelled out in protest, one of The Blond Men turned around to take care of the new party guest. The other of The Blond Men dashed straight for The Nice But Worried Mom and ripped out her throat with clawed hands. The Little Lady screamed and tried to run away, but The Blond Man kept a hold on her.

The Young Mistress knew she had to protect her friend and broke away to be near her. The Young Mistress was now standing in front of The Little Lady in much of the same way that The Nice But Worried Mom had. When The Blond Men started to approach the two girls, The Young Mistress screamed and a bright flash of light shot out of her and destroyed The Blond Men. After the light cleared, the two girls ran out of the house and out of the city, neither looking back.

The next day, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. There was a Nice Cheerful Man walking along the road and tapping his staff in an upbeat rhythm. When he looked to the side of the road, he saw two small girls huddled together under a tree.

The Little Lady awoke to see The Nice Cheerful Man looking down at her and The Young Mistress. She woke her friend up and the two backed away. The Nice Cheerful Man greeted them and told them that there was nothing to worry about and that he would not hurt them. He offered them some apples and since the girls were very hungry they accepted and ate the apples quite quickly.

The Nice Cheerful Man listened as The Young Mistress told him what had happened. The Nice Cheerful Man was amazed by the power that The Young Mistress told him about. After hearing her tell him about it, he was able to see that she was telling the truth; he was able to see the power within The Young Mistress.

The Nice Cheerful Man decided that he would help the two girls. He took them out into the woods away from the towns and let them live in a little cottage. While they were still young, he would stay with them all the time, but as they got older, he would be around less and less. But, even when The Nice Cheerful Man could not be with them, he had a couple of wolves watch over the girls and keep them company in his place. The Nice Cheerful Man would make sure that The Young Mistress and The Little Lady would always have plenty of food to eat and clothing to keep them warm.

And so The Young Mistress and The Little Lady grew up to be The Not As Young Mistress and The Not As Little Lady. The two girls became the closest of friends as they lived in their cottage in the woods; the only companions they had were the two wolves and The Nice Cheerful Man. They grew happily and never let their problems from the past affect them again. And they lived happily ever after.