Chapter One: All Sleep and no Destroying, makes Lina a Sick Girl.

"Where's Lina?" Gourry asked one morning, as they waited for her to come down for breakfast.

"I dunno...she usually doesn't over sleep..." Zel commented.

"I'll go see what's keeping her." Amelia said.

As Amelia approached Lina's room she heard a gasp of pain and footsteps running toward the bathroom.

"Lina-san!!! Are you ok? You sound like you getting sick!"

A couple minutes Lina replied with a very soft, "Yes, don't worry, I'm fine."

"We're all waiting for you to come down for breakfast sure you're ok?"

"I'm fine guys go on ahead with breakfast...I'm not really hungry."

"Lina-san that doesn't sound like you! I'm gonna come in."

Amelia opens the door to see Lina lying on the bed looking out the window. She didn't look sick...but Lina had a very good way of hiding things she didn't want others to see.

"What? I'm fine?"

"Lina-san I know something's not right...if you don't tell me I'll have Gourry-san come up and sit with you till we're ready to go."

"Amelia...I don't know what you're talking about...I'm just not hungry today. I ate too much yesterday and I'm not hungry."

"Lina-san! Stop saying can tell me what's wrong!"

"Nothing! I haven't got the slightest clue about what you're talking about..."

Amelia left to call Gourry up.

"Great..." She thought, "I can't keep up this charade for much longer and now Amelia's calling Gourry up! Why'd she have to do that?!"


"Oi...why Amelia? I'm hungry!!!"

"I'll send something up for you...just come up here!"

Gourry started up the stairs...

"Why did you need me?"

"Lina-san says she's not hungry...I think she's sick, but she says otherwise...will you sit up here with her?"

"Why...if Lina's sick, shouldn't we leave her alone?"

"Haven't we always done that when we think she's sick but says different?"


"If we keep letting her play this game, she'll never learn to trust us. If she says she's not sick then she won't mind if you sit in the room and talk with her till we have to leave...right?"

"Yeah I guess so..."

"Ok then...go on in."

"But...but what about breakfast?"

"I said I'd send something up remember?"

"Oh yeah..."

"Enjoy you time with her... tell me if she says she's sick or not..."


Gourry opens the door, and walks into Lina's room. It's all dark and gloomy like. Clothes are everywhere, and the bed's unmade...the bathroom lights on, the door's closed. Gourry pulls up a chair and waits for Lina. He seems to look really out of place in the gloomy room.

"Eh Lina...what's taking so long?"

"I'm gonna take a that ok?"

"Yeah sure fine. I'll just wait here."

After a half an hour Lina comes out of the bathroom from taking a bath to see Gourry sleeping in a chair by her bed. She's dripping wet and looking for some fresh new clothes. Gourry wakes up to see Lina getting dressed on the bed. He stares...

"HEY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING STARING AT ME WHILE I'M GETTING DRESSED!!! YOU PERVERT!!!" throws boot at Gourry, makes contact with his head

"Owww...sorry but if why were you getting dressed in your room if I was in here?"

"Because you were sleeping dummy!!! I didn't expect you to wake up!!!"

"Well then it's not entirely MY fault, is it? You were the one who just assumed..."

"And you were the one who stared at me when you could have looked the other way!!!" "Men..." Lina mumbled.

Zel and Amelia heard them downstairs...

"Guess that wasn't such a...good idea."


Back upstairs...


Suddenly Lina's door bursts open...


"This...isn't going to be good..." Amelia says.

Gourry goes flying over the banister along with many other objects...

", pillows, sheets, dresser, mirror, hairbrush, boink oww...that had to hurt...and...oh no there goes the bed itself." crash

"Oh boy" Zel sighs.

Lina marches down the stairs...she grabs hold of Gourry's collar, and pulls him up.

"And don't you ever...EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!"

Lina proceeds beating him and everyone else just stares. She stomps on him and walks out the door.

"Come on let's go!!!" She shouts.

Gourry pancake slithers over to the door and squishes underneath it.

Amelia and Zel continue to stare.

"I think...maybe we should go make sure he's...ok..."


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