The Funeral Party


Song written by The Cure.

navy = flashback

red = Lina's POV

blue = Zelgadis' POV

purple = both their POVs

Two pale figures
Ache in silence

I was there. I should have cast it faster. Now he's gone and it's all my fault. My companion. My guardian. He saved me from the blast. It's all my fault.

The church bell bell sounds in the great hall. The morningcongrigation rises to pay their last respects to the one that they have come to love and respect. But in the first pew there is a girl with firey heair and shaking figure who sits with her head held low. Silent tears fall apon her lap. Next to her is a man clad all in black. Even though he wears no hood, his face is still cast in shadow.

Why! Why couldn't I have been faster! I could have survived the blast. My body could've taken the hit. Why did you have to die. This is all my fault.


As the last of the congrigation leaves the temple, the two figures still sit with pain in their hearts and guilt running through their minds. The girl finally lets out a quiet sob into the emplty hall and slumps to the floor, weeping into her hands. The man in black is drawn out of his guilt long enough to confort the boken form of the firey sorceress. He cradles her in his arms and leads her to the casket.

In the quiet ground
Side by side
In age and sadness

He looks so peaceful. So content. Oh, Gourry! Why did you have to leave me! Why did you sacrifice yourself for me!?

"... Darkness beyond twilight... Crimson beyond blood that flows... "

"Little Girl, do you think that will stop me? Even if a scrawny child like you could pull off the DRAGU SLAVE you still wouldn't have enough power to defeat me!!" Crackled the Great Beast Zion. It's talon dripping black with the blood of Xellos, Trickster Priest/General to Jou-ou.

"... Buired in the stream of time, is where your power grows..."

"Why don't you try this on for size, Little Girl?"

Energy starts to build in the great maw of the Beast, growing more and more intense as each second passes.

"Lina!" shouts Zelgadis. "There isn't enough time!" He starts to run for her with all his chimeric speed but it doesn't seem to be enough.

"... In thy great name, I pledge myself to darkness..."

"Too late, Little Girl!"

A force of pure energy shoots out of the Beast's mouth, strait for the chanting Lina.

"L I N A !" shouts Zelgadis as he sees the attack coming strait for her. He tries with all his might to press his deamonic speed to it's full limits and beyond to reach Lina in time to deflect the blast. But it's to no avail.




"... Let the fools who stand before us be destroyed with the power You and I posess... DRAGU SLAVE!"

"What!!! This can't be!!! How can a child defeat me! The Great Beast Zion!! N N O O O ! ! ! "

As the DRAGU SLAVE comsumes the Foul Beast Zion, all eyes are on the form that took the attack for Lina.

"Gourry?!" Lina barely manages to whisper his name. He looked so broken at her feet. She fals to her knees and take head into her lap.

"You safe, Lina? Good. I always knew you were to reckless for oyur own good" cough

Blood is everywhere. The blast hit Gourry strait on and tore half his body apart. There was no spell in exsitance that could help him now. And Zelgadis knew this fact all to well. All he could do now was be there for his friend in his last moments.

"Gourry... why... why'd you do it?" tears role down Lina's face as she tries to comprehend the scene layed out before her.

"I'm your protector. Like I promised." cough Gourry can barley even whisper his words to her. "Lina, your my best cough friend. The little sis cough sister I never had. I would die a thousand deaths for you. cough -- cough Please do one last thing for me... ?"

"Anything... " Lina whispers to her bestfriend, her protector, her brother.

"Tell Sylphiel... I'm sorry I never got to taste her great cooking one cough one last time... tell her... tell her that I love her and that I'm sorry for never having the nerve to tell her myself. cough Zelgadis... ?"

"Yes, Gourry... I'm here." Zegadis leans over and takes Gourry's good handand holds it tight.

"Take care of Lina. She needs someone to look after her so she won't blow up whole cites and stuff. Could you do that. Could you take my place for me... ?" Gourry asked through pleading, dieing eyes.

"Of course I will, Gourry-san. I will look after her with fiber in my being. Gourry, you are one of my best friends... One of my ONLY friends... I ..." Zelgadis couldn't continue with is thought. It hurt him too much to even breath at the moment.

"And you the same to me cough Zelgadis-san. Remember that I love you, Lina. Good-bye" Gourry breath out his last words and closed his eyes, never to open them again.

Lina screamed into the heavens for their crule fate.

Why Gourry... ? Why him?

I watched
And acted wordlessly
As piece by piece
You preformed you story

Oh, Lina. I'm so sorry. I wish I could do something for you to help you through the pain.

The man in black takes the crying girl by the hand and leads her out of the great hall of the temple. All the congrigation is waiting for the two outside in silence to lead them to the final resting place. The graveyard.

Why... ?

Moving through an unknown past
Dancing at the funeral party

The two take up in the first carrige standing outside the tample. It is adorned in black and gold in respect for the dead. As they sit and wait for the procession to begin, the man in blackmoves to sit next to the morning girl and places her head on his shoulder and rests his chin on top her firey hair.

I miss him so much already. The pain is so bad. Gourry, you were one of my only friends. One of the few who saw me for myself and not as a monster. Why did you have to go... ?

Gourry. You were my best friend. Through thick and thin. Always there for eachother. You may have been as dense as a block of onix, but you were my best friend... my best friend...

Inside the carrige, the two cry together in eachother's arms.

Memories of children's dreams
Lie lifeless

As the carrige pulls away from the temple, the two weep even more. Neith is ashamed of the tears rollingdown their faces and soaking eachother's clothes. Together they morn the loss of a dear friend. One that can never be replaced. Together they find solice in eachother. Together they are not alone.

Hand in hand with fears and shadows
Crying at the funeral party

The procession stops out front of the gates leading into the graveyard. The day is bright and clear. It reminds all present of his shining smile and cheerful personality. The birds chip in the trees and n top of statues adn the squiles scurry around the grounds in the chaotic manner that only squirles seem to be able to do.

He was always happy. Even whn things took a turn for the worst he always kept on his smile. He was always there fi you need someone to just be there.

He never forced himself on you. He always looked to the brighter side of things. He was someone that you would be proud to stand with. Someone who was pure. Someonewho was always there.

But now he's gone.

The two walked at the head of the procession, hand in hand. Supporting eachother with what little strength they had left. Without one, the other would be able to go no further.

I heard a song

The two finally reached the finally resting place of their most loyal and beloved friend. The tears started to flow once more.

And turned away

As the priest said the final words and tossed the concecrated soil apon the casket, the girl with the firey hair stood up and tossed her golden earrings into the grave.

As piece by piece
You preformed you story

The girl fell to her knees and stared down into the grave. In her Ruby eyes you could see her confessing her soul to the one she considered her best friend. As she stared, pouring her being into her tears that she let fall into the grave, she started to feel whole once more.

You will always be in my heart, Gourry Gabriev. I will never forget you as long as I live. I willmake you the ledgend that you are. I will tell your story to the lowliest creater and sing your glories to the highest heavens. You shall not be forgoten.

Noiselessly across the floor

The girl finally stands and walks back to her companion. They star deep into eachother's eyes. Looking past to their souls. They both shall make it know that thrie friend was great and beautifl. The tears they had shed are no more as they look to the sky. Hand in hand they leave the place of rest and head home. Not knowing what else to do.

Thank you Zel.

Thank you Lina

The two stare at eachother one last time before entering the carrige. Ruby eys look into Aqua-Marien ones. The soul of water embrasses the spirit of fire.

I love you with all my heart. I will never leave your side. Thank you for being there. Thank you for just being.

The two break off their trance, saying what they needed to say to eachother. Though no words passed their lips. They entered the black and gold carrige to leave their friend to reat. As they rode off into the distance, they both knew that even though they lost someone they both loved emmensly, that they would always have eachother.

Dancing at the funeral party