To Wish Impossible Things

Remeber how it use to be
When the stars would fill the sky

With a sigh, Lina took a look at her companions. There was the ever present Gourry Gabriev, Swordsman Suprieme and sworn protecter of Lina Inverse. Not like she needed it or anything. She was capable of taking care of herself. But the jellyfish for brains didn't seem to understand. Big suprise there. It was alright though. He had found a place in her heart and she looked to him as a big brother of sorts.

Then there was Sylphiel Rada. She was nice enough and tolerable to be around most of the time. When she wasn't being flaky or completely innocent. It was sweet enough to give one cavities. But she made up for that with her cooking. She was also starting to get somewhere with her 'Gourry-sama'. It had taken a long time, but the baka finally realized that her affections were more than just friendly in nature and they were starting to spend a ot of time together as of late. Lina thought they deserved each other.

There was also Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun. The justice spouting freak of a princess. She could get under you skin in a matter of seconds, but at least she had still had a passion for something. That is, BESIDES Zelgadis Greywerds. But it looked as if the two of them were rubbing off on each other. Amelia started acting a littlenmore calm and less gung-ho about justice, love and all around Sailormoon type actions and Zelgadis was starting to open up more often and even laughing once in a while. Yes, I said laughing. It's not like his face was going to crack if he smiled you know. And it wasn't one of those fake laughs or even those snide laughs. It was a pure and genuin laugh. It was doing him a world of good. They were right for each other and they were starting to see that. Even Amelia admitted that her obssesion over Zel was a childhood crush, but it did blossom into something brighter. It made Lina happy to see those two chatting up a storm, completely oblivious to the world around them. They were right for each other.

Then there was Xellos Metallium and Fillia Ul Copt. A Mazoku and a Dragon. But not just any Mazoku and Dragon. This was the General/Priest for Juu-ou, the Beast Master, and the one Mazoku to almost completely anihalte the Golden Dragons in the War of the Monsters over a thousand years ago. And this was no ordinary Dragon. This was the Golden Dragon of the Fire Dragon King. And not just a Golden Dragon, but the Miko for the Fire Dragon King himself. That is, until she learned the horrible truth about her clan. They had commited genocide against their own! This was a shock, to put it lightly. Now, in her attempts to repent for her clan's horrible deeds, she has take charge of the raising the last Ancient Dragon.

Which leads Lina to the most recent cause to her cronic migrains. Valgaav. No, scratch that. He was Valteir now. He use to be under the power of the Mazoku Lord Chaos Dragon Gaav. That is until he was killed. That made the emotionally unstable Dragon/Mazoku go off the deep end and team up with Drak Star in hopes of revenging the death of his master. And guess who got all of his attention. Yep, Lina. And she didn't even kill the guy. It was Hellmaster Phibrizzo! But the kid wouldn't listen and kept right on trying to kill Lina. Whoopie! But that's over with now. Now he is the re-born PURE Ancient Dragon, Valteir. And the worst part of it was, he remembered everythig! And I do mean 'Everything'. From both of his lives. Boy if this boy was unstable before, imagine what the effect of having to live three lives is like. Oh the pains he went through to make up for his crulety towards his now companions. Especialy Lina. She was still a little freaked by him, but he was differant now. She couldn't blame him for what he did really. But what she could blame him for was bothering her and following her and asking her if she needed anything and getting her stuff and ... well, you get the point. He was a complete pain in the ass most of the time, but when he was himself, which was rare indeed, even more so than Xellos no knowing a secret or Gourry knowing what's going on, he was acually someone Lina could get to like. Plus, he was cute. But you wouldn't hear Lina say that out loud.

Everyone was happy. Everyone had someone to be with, let be in love or annoyance. Everyone, that is, except Lina.

Remember how we use to feel

Lina felt left out. She couln't relate to the others as she use to anymore. Not even Filia as she cursed Xellos' very exsistance.She wished things would go back to the way they use to be. Fighting for their lives against some crazed something or other bent on revenge, world domination or both.

Those days would never end
Those days would never end

Finding bandit camps and kicking their lowly butts to kingdom come and taking their loot. Bandist have no rights after all. And even going on those wild goose chases know as The Eternal Hunt For Zelgadis' Cure. Anything would be better than this monotonous traveling to nowhere imparticular. It was really cramping Lina's style. She was happy for her friends, sure. But it made her feel like a third wheel most of the time.

In Layman's terms, Lina wasn't happy.

Remeber how it use to be
When the stars would fill the sky

Every night was the same thing. They would eat, chat about nothing in general and then go off on their own in their cute little pairs. Even Fillia tollerated Xellos for a little bit every night after dinner. Lina thought they looked cute together. One day they would admit it to themselves what everyone else has been seeing for the L-sama knew how long.

Lina just goes to bed.

Remember how we use to dream

Lina lay on her bed, thinking about her past adventures. She never cared what was to come. She would take the moment and make it hers. She would stand against the most power force and conquer it. She would beat up bandits and send them running in fear. She was happy then. Her name rang fear in the minds of bandits and her every move was watched as those who feared her power plotted against her. Those were the days.

Those nights would never end
Those nights would never end

Then came the knock on her door.

"Yeah, come in."

"Lina, are you busy?"

Lina stared bewildered at her visitor. It wasn't like Valteir to come calling on poeple. He mainly kept to himself if he wasn't doing a meanial chore for the group. The boy had some major issues.

"Is something wrong, Val? I thought you'd be asleep by now"

"I just wanted to know if you would like to join me. I'm going to a play and I'd rather have someone to enjoy it with. But if you'd rather not," Valteir said as he slowly lowered his head, "I'd understand."

Considering she had nothing better to do with her time, she decided to go along with him. Who knows, I might have some fun.

After the play, the two of them walked the street of the bustling town.

Okay thought Lina, The play was second rate... but the company was fabulous! I never knew Val could be so funny. I like him a lot bettre when he's not kissing my ass.

Val on the other hand was on Cloud-9. This has got to be the best night I've had in ages. I don't even remember what the play was about. Doesn't matter though. Lina was with me. Man, I should've asked her out a while ago. I didn't think she'd come, but to laugh with me and treat me like a normal person. The other don't think I notice, but how could I not. The way they sometimes flinch at my touch or jump up at first sight of me in the morning when they first wake up. I know what I did was wrong. But I couldn't controle my actions. I think. I don't know anymore. Everyday it becomes more and more cloudy. More and more distorted. I don't even know what is real anymore most of the time. But I do know that Lina is real and her smile meant twords me is real too. She makes me feel, almost in a way, whole. Whatever. That sounds to corney, even for me!

It was the sweetness of your skin

As Valteir walk Lina back to her room, the only thing he could seem to think about was the darkangle walking next to him. She is so beautiful. Her hair is like a summer's sunset apon the ocean. Her eyes are like an inferno, burning with all her soul. Her body is small and lilth, yet as dangerous as any deamon. She makes me feel a storm of emotions, fighting for dominence within my heart and mind. What is it with me lately?

Valteir was so wrapped up in what Lina was, he almost missed what she was saying.

"Well, good night, Val" smiled Lina. "And thank's for the evening."

"Uhm, anytime, Lina." Valteir chirped. "I was more than happy to spend the evening with you. After all, it's a lot better than spending time alone. Not that I mean that in a bad way... uhm... I wanted to be with you this evening... " Valteir was turning seven shades of red during his pathetic attempt at a complement.

Lina, for some unknown reason, found this every endearing. He's really cute when he's all flustered like that. Lina sighed and thought she should say something to help calm him down. "I know what you mean. With the others finding themselves with their signifigant others, it get's kinds boring around here. It's like you can't hang out with them unless you have a crush as well. It's kinda weird accually to see them all acting love struck with each other." Did I just say that out loud! Now Lina was the one turning red.

"Well, Lina, If you ever feel like that, you could always come hang out with me."

"Thanks, Val."

It was the hope of all that might have been

"Well, thanks again for walking me to my door... I guess I'll see you in the morning then."

Now or never Val. Just give her a hug. Show her you care about her. It's not that hard.

Just as lina was about to turn into her room, a soft hand fell on her shoulder. As she turned around, she was wrapped up in a pair of strong, warm arms. She looked up and found herself staring into Valteir's intense amber eyes.

They shine like the morning sun! thought Lina as she found herself returning the gesture by winding her small arms around his firm waist.

Valteir was speachless. First off, he was still alive form his action towards Lina. Second, she was looking up at him with her big ruby eyes filled with fear and confusion and exceptence. Third, she was pulling her arms around him with a small smile tying to break out at the corners of her small, pale lips. Without even taking a second thought, he started to spill his sould to her. "You are so beautiful, Lina Inverse. Everything about you burns with such fire and life it's almost to much to bear. Your will to live, your sharp intellegence, and even the way you use that silver toung of yours to cut into the pride and ego of those who get in your way with a vocabulary that would make even an oger blush. All this and more is why I am so taken with you, Lina. I don't expect anything from you. I just wanted to tell you the truth."

"Val... I don't know what... "

But she was cut off with a kiss that went strait to her very core. The kiss so deep it felt as if it opened her soul. The passion so raw, it sent electricity through every part of her. She let her hands trail up his back as they continued to kiss, breathing not being a problem know to them as of now. He pulled her closer with the flat of one hand as the other trailed through her flaming tresses. She opened her mouth slightly to admit his toung passage. He drank in her essence as the passion grew to new hights neither had ever experianced before. A small moan escaped from her throat as she pull closer to him and it sent his senses spinning. He was drunk on the essence that is Lina. As they continued to embrase in the door frame of Lina's rom, all rational thinking fled from their minds. They were together and that's all that mattered. As they finally broke off their kiss, they slowly turned their eyes to each other once more. And both were met with something that made eachothers heartleap and breath catch. They found acceptance, understanding and most of all, they found themselves. They understood eachother. What the other had gone through and how it had shaped them to the person that they saw standing before them. How beautiful and shining they were. But how none of their peers could see past their own conceptions to the true peorson that lay beneath the public fassade. And how much it hurt.

That fills me with a hope to wish
Impossible things

"Val, I know your not the same perosn who fought us those years ago. I know you are your own person and that that person is beautiful and unique. And I know how much it hurts to be look upon as a beast." Lina could hardly belive those words came from her. They were true. Everything she had said. Right down to how beautiful he was. But somehow she didn't feel flustered or embarassed from her spoken revelation. She felt relived that someone had listened without mock understanding. But, why?

"Lina... " Valteir was ... he didn't know what he was feeling, but he knew that he liked it. It was a warm spark in the pit of his stomach that seemed to spread through his whole body. And all because of what Lina had said to him. "And you, Lina. You are a fire that needs no taming. You are a shining light in the consuming darkness that seems to warp the veiws of all. You are unique in yourself in that you never hold the opinions of others to make your judgements. You are all I have to look foward to every morning. I don't know what it means, but I know that I welcome it every minuet of every day."

As Valteir finished his words, he swept Lina into his arms and brought her into her room. With the heel of his foot, he shut the door and listened as the dead bolt dropped into place, locking it and them off to the world outside of the room.

The passion that filled them whole for the rest of the night was cosmic, to say the least. They esperssed their want and need to eachother with their bodies as their souls and minds took in the beauty of the other.

Val felt complete.

Lina felt needed.

But the sun shines cold

Valteir walked behind the group. Sadness writen on his face and to those who would look, pain bleeding out of his heart. His cheeks were stained with spent tears he hadn't felt the need, nor the energy to clean from his placid face.

Lina had left in the morning. Without a single goodbye or a farwell kiss for her lover. No one knew where she would go. They all would miss her, but if she felt it was best to leave in the way she did they would not be able to stop her let alone track her down. They would miss her.

And all the sky is grey

Why did she have to leave? I thought she felt the same. She sure seemed to last night. I guess I thought wrong.

The stars are dimmed by clouds and tears

He couldn't take it anymore. Transforming to his dragon form, he lept through the sky, not caring what his companions thought. He had to forget. He had to get away for a bit. He had to cry.

Fillia watched as her ward flew into the sky. He was taking Lina's departure from the group harder than the rest. But then again, Gourry had Sylphiel to protect now and Amelia and Zelgadis were almost insepretable now that Amelia started acting her age and Zelgadis started to act himself. Even Xellos and herself were spending more and more enjoyable time together. ((N.C. : 'Enjoyable Time' meaning that Filia was gettimg better with her upper-cuts and Xellos is just a masocist. =^_^=)) Fillia figured he must have harbored feelings for the spitfire of a sorceress. Lina would come back, and mabey then she could set the two of them up. They would make a cute couple. Fillia sat down on the grass and thought about how she could manipulate the sorceress without being DRAGU SLAVED for her efforts as she waited for Valteir to return. She was startled out of her mischevious thoughts by a small touch to her shoulder. She turned her head to look up at Xellos looking down at her with his ever present, genki smile falling down in concern to one side.

"Are you going after him, Fillia-san?"

"No. He'll be back as soon as he lets off some steam."

"Mabey we should set up camp then," asked Sylphiel. "It is starting to get dark and this is as good a place as any."

Fillia looked once more to the direction Val had flown and nodded her reply. All they could do for him was be their when he needed them.

And all I wish

The dragon's tears ran full force down his elegant emerald neck as his mind raced with every aspect of Lina. Her hair, her smile. The way she walked and talked. The graceful way she cast her spells. But most of all, he thought of her being with him. And of her leaving.

The heart renching roar that exploded from his tight throat and past his clenched jaws was so intense it shook the very air in it's wake.

Is gone away

Why did you have to leave, Lina?!

All I wish

I love you with with everything I am.

Is gone away

Please come back to me ...

All I wish

On a dark, lonely road a lone figure dressed in black and red walks alone with it's head held low. In it's eyes, tears of Gold run down it's pale face. Stopping, the travler looks to the sky as an emerald dragon with it's magnifecent wings shedding black feathers in it's wake flys by. The sound that follows breaks down the reserve of the travler as it thunders through the sky. The roar was so felal, so intense... so lonely. The travler fell to the ground and started to shake uncontrolably as the golden tears flowed unchecked from it's delecate face for the second time that long, painful day.

"I'm so sorry, Val. I just wish you knew how much I love you before I left. Please don't hate me. I don't know what I would do if you were to hate me... I am so sorry. Please forgive me... "

Is gone away