Dynast's Mistake


This is not to be taken seriously and will most likely stay a one-shot story. Beware of Spoilers for those of you that have not seen all of Slayers Next. I do not have a particular preference of whomever Lina or any of the girls/women of Slayers pair up with. It just so happens that Xelloss fit the role this time.

A Random Woods Clearing

"At last, I Dynast Grausheela, Mazoku Lord of the Frozen North have come into my power. After centuries of waiting, none but my sister The Beastmaster, has the power to stop me. I shall be victorious!"

He laughed an insanely loud laugh as black fire flashed in his crazed eyes.

"The Chaos avatar of The Lord of Nightmares may have at one time been a threat, but since she is now the mate of my dear sister's general-priest, there is no chance he would let her dare to challenge me!"

Suddenly the ground began quaking, as dark power began to flare up around Dynast. He frantically searched for the source of so much energy. There were five teenage children surrounding him. Some had red hair, some had purple hair, but they all possessed fiery red eyes.

Each teen was in a terrifying stance. The stance, of a caster of the dreaded Dragon Slave. Each one bowed their head and chuckled as Dynast marshaled all his strength and formed a protective shield. They unleashed their awesome assault.

Two cheery voices rang out in unison and drew Dynast's attention. It was that accursed Lina Inverse and Xelloss. They were holding hands and smirking.

Things began to look even grimmer for the Mazoku Lord when Lina finished chanting an unfathomable spell of destruction. A spell that could channel The Lord of Nightmares' power into a blade of pure chaos energy, Possessing the ability to cut through anything and send anyone short of a Mazoku Lord to the Netherworld, the chaotic blade made Dynast squirm.

Lina brandished the Laguna Blade in a guard position. Therebye clearly indicating that even if Dynast survived a combined attack of 5 fully powered Dragon Slaves, The Dra mata herself would be the one to finish him off.

Dynast gulped. Maybe he shouldn't have skipped sending Lina and Xelloss a wedding present all those years ago, after all?

Author's Afterword

Thanks to Majo-Chan's Fic "Slayers Inversed." It gave me the idea to use Dynast. The story is a must read again! I know this fic is shorter then even my usual fics, but I felt that a short story explained everything clearly enough. Slayers Pentasama Chapter 2 is coming, look for it in the next week or so. This story is my fourth piece of 'net published work, and my third piece of Slayers Fanfiction. I have lousy grammar, but I do try. If you like my work and would like me to write more fiction, please email me and encourage.