Chapter 1: The Meeting

Lina & C. are at an Inn

Xelloss: (Teleports behind Lina and whispers something, and loudly may I add) Hi, Lina.

Lina: Xelloss!!!!!!! Dont do that ya Fruitcake (starts beating trying to hit Xelloss)

Xelloss: (dodges)

Lina: ARG!!!!!!!! stand still!!!!(still trying to hit him) GRRR..... Fireball!!!!!!

Xelloss: ^_~ (pulls out squirt gun, squirts fireball, it disapears) I'm not the mood, Lina, Not in the mood (OOC I know)

Just then a figure of a girl appears she glances at them but closes her eyes 1milisecond after so no one but Zelgadis could see them.

Zelgadis: (has a horrified look on his face but quickly switches to his normal look)

Lina: (catches the look) Zel what's wrong?

Zel: (flashback)

Zel & that girl are sitting in a clearing about 2 days before he got turned into a chimera.

Girl: Young Greywers, you must not wish for something you will gain in time or you just might get what you wished for. In a bad way...

(end flashback)

Zel: So, we meet again, Midnight

Midnight: Ah, Greywers(teleports infront of Zel)

She has black boots to mid-way of her ankle and knee, a small purple skirt, a sparkling blue tank top, a red jacket she wears it open (it goes to her knees, looks like plastic on the outside, and is tight around the middle), and a rapid-fire shotgun on her back. Her physical features are silverish aqua hair to her ankles her bangs covering her eyes.

Lina:(is reminded of Luna and shudders)

She also has small pointed ears, a silver tail like Fillia's but thiner and smaller, and two silver wings (each are about 1 foot when they are closed which they are right now).

Fillia: (is startled by her appearance)

Midnight: (hugs Zel) Im so happy you remember my code name!

Zel: (blushes and hugs her back) Yeah, I remember.

Amelia: Umm... Miss Midnight

Midnight: (releases Zel and sits down) My name's Xelloria and drop the Miss only little kids say that...(blinks) nevermind go right ahead I forgot who I was talking to. Oh and speaking of you. (towards Xelloss) Shall I present the gift? (gaging and coughing) Maaaaasss...teeeeerrr (coughs) master

Xelloss: (nods)

Xelloria: Okay here a present from your sister, Gracia, she says she will take the throne soon (hands Amelia a locket)

Amelia: (looks at the locket its the ones with five places in the first one there is a family picture, then a picture of Amelia, then Phill, then her mother, and last there was a picture of Gracia with red writing on it that said 'I'll be here when you need me little sister, remember that!') Thank you Miss Xelloria!

Val: (He looks about 15 enters room sees Xelloria.) Umm miss. (taps her on the shoulder) Have I seen you before?

Xelloria: Damn right, how do you think you got that amulet 2 years ago?

Val: You gave it to me. Cool

Xelloria: (to Xelloss) I can't do it I have to call you...

Xelloss: (to Xelloria) Just try, I want everyone to be surprised that your my

Xelloria: (to Xelloss) Ugh, don't start that!

Xelloss: (to Xelloria) What? I can't tell the world I'm proud of my...

????: (to Xelloss) Xel... I have to talk to you soon

Xelloss: (to Xelloria) Ok you can slip it

Xelloria: hey dad errr... master

Zel: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lina: What the Hell?!?!??

Amelia: Huh?!

Fillia: Namagomi has a daughter?!?!?

Val: (gives them all a look of what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you-people?)

Xelloria: (says in the sweetest voice possible) Yeah Fillia, he has a son too and if you think of even touching my dad, brother, mother, or myself I will personally kick your skinny ryuzuko bitch-ass to the moon.^_~(god that would be scary!!)

Xelloss: Thats my little girl.

Lina: Lemme get this straight!!!! So Xelloria knows Zelgadiss AND Gracia Xelloss is her father, Who's the mother?

Xelloss&Xelloria: (strike that infamous pose and wag their fingers) Sore wa himitsu desu!!!!!!!!!

Zel: You were begging for that one Lina

Lina: Yeah Zel I know

Xelloria: Well I can give clues, but you have to figure them out, Ok??

Fillia: Better than that himitsu crap

Xelloria: (says in a voice sounding like she is in tears)It's not crap... (then says in an evil voice) Your gonna die MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Xelloss: (restrains her)You can't kill her... remember she is the only full grown female dragon left if you her you kill the whole race...

Fillia:(whispers) he cares

Xelloss: ... not like that'd be a bad thing

Fillia: (twitch) NAMAGOMI!!!!!!!! (grabs for mace which is gone) Mace-sama?!

Xelloss:(to Xelloria)



Xelloria:(to Xelloss)

Fillia: (looking for her mace) Mace-sama...MACE-sama MACE-SAMA!!!!

Xelloria:(to Xelloss)

Zel:(looking at them) Why are you two staring into space?

Xelloria&Xelloss: Oh, nothing just thinking.

Xelloria:(to Xelloss)

Xelloss:(to Xelloria)

Xelloria:(to Xelloss)

Xelloss:(to Xelloria) (releases her)

Xelloria: Listen to me peeps were gonna go to a desert so I can demonstrate my power

Lina: And WHY should we listen to you

Xelloria: Cause if you dont A)I won't give you clues to who my mom is B)I can cast a Giga Slave in 3.7 seconds and C) I know your sister. Is that good enough?

Lina: (gulp) yeah

Xelloria: good (teleports the gang to a desert) heh heh heh watch this (floats) Ekemia (her bangs fly up to reveal slit-pupiled purple eyes that have a hint of sky blue , the pattern is like the deep cracks in frozen ice near the great antartic.) LANCE!!! (shoots it into the ground below her) Okay to my satelite!!! (teleports there is a HUGE screen infront of them on it there is a planet she points to it) that was the planet we were on (it explodes) heh heh and thats what I did to it

Zel: Imposible

Xelloria: Barely You just got to aim for the right spot

Lina: Now who's you mother?

Xelloria: CLUES do I hafta spell it out C-L-U-E-S. Anyway, I shall tell you the prophecy of The Two Knights...

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